Dr. G. C. Mehta MBBS, DPC, DFE, DMRD&I, CLC (CANADA), is enthused to inspire others to create and empowering them to live life to the fullest by radically changing the way they invest their time and energy.

Founder of ‘MIND DESIGNING – a way to meaningful life’ and by profession, a Radiologist, Positive  Psychologist, Internationally Certified Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Alliance (Canada) & Motivational Speaker, possesses great vision for life, mentoring skills and coaching expertise, committed to personal and professional growth, and has ability to interpret life for all practical purposes.

The skills of inquisitiveness, observation, analysis, behavior modification, and assessment are as instant nature to him as walking and talking.

With great conviction he believes that success is nothing but each & every step taken towards the goal.

Every moment is growing & learning experience for him, transforming him into the new person every time.

Also believes that “A meaningfully done Life Coaching is an investment for life”.

Why am I in Life Coaching?

You have every right to live a better, richer & healthier life, regardless of types of goals!

Why Dr. G. C. Mehta as a life coach ?

Having an ability to understand clients & make them comprehend in a simpler & easier manner.

Having exclusive ability to “read between the lines” & “listen unsaid”.

Possesses promising & optimistic attitude and approach towards himself & others, make him a powerful coach.

His way of dealing is not “who is wrong & who is right”, instead he works upon the concept of “what wrong is happening”, how one can come out of it without getting much affected & create desirable outcomes in life.

Keeping coherent approach of accepting & creating the changes within & around, encourages others to do the same.

His strongest belief, “Life is a continuous process of learning & improvement”.

His clients often describe him as open, patient but zestful, warm, insightful & focused person with great practical approach and an ability to discover best in them.


“It doesn’t much bother me what comes in my life. I am more concerned for what & how I do and what productive can I contribute to the world”… Dr. G. C. Mehta