Here are some of the Faqs associated with ‘Life Coaching’:

Q1. Does this mean who so ever seeks ‘Life Coaching’ is a patient, ‘mentally ill’, ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ ?

Ans. Many people erroneously believe that you must have grave problems only in order to benefit from ‘Life Coaching’, which in turn is not true. We all may need “Life Coaching” at some or other moment of time. Vast majority of people are very normal but have simply had challenges beyond their coping abilities. “Life Coaching” provides chances to know more about your own capabilities and developing further strength to deal or face any situation in life.

Q2. Will “LIFE COACH” reveal my confidential matters to others?

Ans. No, He is bound by law to not to reveal your confidential matters to others unless there is any Legal requirement arise. All the problems, interactions, suggestions, interpretations, future planning and results are kept strictly confidential. If at all required, your “LIFE COACH” may ask for your permission to speak with your other health care providers.

Q3. Is time, a better healer than a “LIFE COACH”?

Ans. With time your worries & anxiety about any problem, reduces but problem lies there itself exactly as a pain killer relieves pain, not the cause of pain. Time can never heal, it is only you who can be the best healer for yourself and for the same a “LIFE COACH” may help.

Q4. Will a “LIFE COACH” judge weaknesses & faults?

Ans. Neither “LIFE COACH” is there to judge any body’s weakness nor trained to do so. Actually, he is the person who will understand the problem and then COACH you to tackle it, accordingly. An experienced “LIFE COACH” is capable of changing one’s weaknesses into strengths, depending upon several factors.
Great coaches help people to find & develop the power inside them, to utilize optimum potential & allow them to find their own solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Q5. Can Money buy Mind?

Ans. Money can buy any materialistic thing but can never buy Mind. Money does not guarantee stress free life or bliss. ‘Mind Designing’ by “Life Coaching” can strengthen you up to fight with any problem.

Q6. Why would I need to go to a “LIFE COACH” when my doctor gave me anti-depressants or other medication for my ailments?

Ans. Medications can reduce symptoms for some people, it does not teach you how to learn from your mistakes, how to understand & regulate your emotions better, how to fight with problems or how to resolve distress by not being much affected negatively.

Q7. Why should I try "Life Coaching" if I don’t think anything will work for me?

Ans. Expecting quickest relief from any Medical problem is understood; even that takes its own time, according to the disease. Majority of people who come into any therapy, feel hopeless and do not manage to see any answer. Occupied mind in a problem or emotional distress often leads to hopelessness. People tend to see things quite differently when their happiness is restored. Just because you do not believe “LIFE COACHING” can be helpful does not mean that it is not effective & can’t work for you. Yes! Your willingness to improve & grow is the prime prerequisite.

Q8. I am uncomfortable to disclose and discuss a stranger about my private matters. Why should I tell a “LIFE COACH”?

Ans. The “Life Coaching” process is kept confidential to the extent that the law allows. Most COACHES are not interested in client’s private matters unless it is relevant to the treatment objectives.

Q9. Is a “LIFE COACH” going to advise or order me for what is to be done?

Ans. The “LIFE COACH” is not going to advise, order or provide direct solutions to you rather is supposed to assist and support you to find your own answers & encourages you to practice further.

Q10. What is the MISSION of "Life Coaching"?

Ans. “Life Coaching” is very useful in many situations promoting mental and physical health. “Life Coaching” tells you about how to feel more objective by looking at behaviors, feelings and thoughts in situations that are troublesome for you. “Life Coaching” can be effective in helping you make the changes in your attitude towards anything you want. You may learn more effective ways to deal with situations that you feel are stressful. It is a two-way process that works especially well when clients and their ‘LIFE COACH’ communicate openly and have confidence in each other.

Q11. How Does "Life Coaching" Process Take Place?

Ans. I prefer ‘face to face’ sessions. Sessions can also be held on phones & Skype as well. Typically, my first introductory session would include a discovery process to help the client become clear on what they really want.
You will begin by talking with your “LIFE COACH”, encouraging you to open & speak up fearlessly, about your issue & together you will discover about where are you stuck – up & what you think is important to change, and how you would like things to be different in and around you. Your “LIFE COACH” will help you by Designing your thoughts to identify what may be contributing to your situation positively or negatively, and recommend where and how to start making changes by changing your attitude & approach towards the same. You and your “LIFE COACH” will identify your goals, or what you want to have happen, what should be done to make situations clear. Your “LIFE COACH” will talk to you about the probable length of time it may take to help you see effects of your efforts & changes.
After setting goals, you both will work together to plan out strategies in next sessions. Whether it is the matter of strengthening relationship, enhancing business, coming out of low phase, your LIFE COACH will help you to perform actions required during the week & so on.
Subsequent sessions will show the outcomes, accordingly. You will get to assess your own progress in the forms of clarity, challenges met with, new breakthroughs or changes faced. Your LIFE COACH who is an expert PSYCHOLOGIST too, will help you with added advantage to make a habit of using positive language, affirmations and visualization techniques to keep attitude & approach positive towards self & the world and attract more positives from all the directions.
You are being given weekly homework for self-talks, assessments and reflections so that you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, actions & reactions rather than driving life in the same old way.

Q12. What Are the Benefits of "Life Coaching" ?

Ans. It is suggested that “Life Coaching” is very effective in managing suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, frustration and related symptoms. It has also been seen that “Life Coaching” is found to increase survival time for heart surgery, cancer & other chronic disease patients. It can also have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. Since, “Life Coaching” means how to live life accordingly, it supports the idea that mental and physical health, are very closely linked and that “Life Coaching” can improve a person’s overall health status. “Life Coaching” can help you make changes in health related behavior such as smoking cessation, weight management, and coping with a chronic illness.
If you are ready for change in your life, the benefits of L “Life Coaching” can be enormous.

I believe, a meaningfully done “Life Coaching” is an investment for life. (Independent studies have shown the average return on investment on coaching to exceed from 100% to 500% )

Q13. How can one know if "Life Coaching" is Working Well?

Ans. To start with, you should establish clear goals with your “LIFE COACH”. Perhaps you want to overcome feelings of hopelessness associated with any of your problem like depression. Or maybe you would like to overcome a fear that disturbs your daily life. It should be clear to you that certain tasks require more time to be completed than others. Goals can be managed & adjusted depending on how long you plan to participate in “Life Coaching”. After a few sessions, it is a good sign if you feel that you are being recognized, getting what you wanted or reaching your goals and enjoying honest communication between you and your “LIFE COACH”. On the other hand, if you find yourself feeling ‘stuck-up’ or not getting proper direction as the “Life Coaching” progresses, you should be open & clear with your “LIFE COACH” and inform the same to him. It requires both of you, responsible in establishing and maintaining a good working relationship. “Life Coaching” works best when you attend all scheduled sessions and have faith in your “LIFE COACH” & yourself too.
Finally, it is very important to understand that whatever the outcome or result produced during and after the concluding session along with expected duration afterwards, the client is solely responsible for positive or negative results.

Q14. What is the need to understand myself and my life right now?

Ans. Very difficult to answer. Life is yours & need is yours. This is all your choice. However, there are certain signals which can be suggestive of COACHING for LIFE:
Insecure about your future – Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
Uncertainties about relationships, satisfaction with work, or other important aspects of your life.
Unbalanced life. No interest in life. Unable to discover purpose of life.
Taking life too bad, complicated, confusing.
Feeling dull or bored, not interested in things that used to ‘excite’ you.
No ‘Passion’ for anything in life.
For better & positive parenting.

Q15. Why should I trust my LIFE COACH, to be able to help me?

Ans. Trust is your feeling & choice & may take certain time to earn with exploration or experimentation, so there isn’t any reason whatsoever why you should trust your LIFE COACH, immediately. See your COACH’S credentials, experience, references from people, old clients and vouch for his trustworthiness. But until you personally interact with and get to know him at least through introductory complimentary session, you shouldn’t trust your COACH.
That’s why I like to begin the Life Coaching with a free gift — an initial “Life Coaching” discussion for about 5 minutes on phone or 10-15 minutes personally which will help you experience what I’m talking about, and get a sense for my trustworthiness. This isn’t the full blown Mind Designing – “Life Coaching” process, but it will give you a taste. And you can decide whether you should trust me or not. The decision is yours to keep whether we proceed or not.

Q16. Who needs "Life Coaching"? / Reasons to consult “LIFE COACH”

Ans. Anyone can benefit from “Life Coaching” services that enhance and maintain physical and mental health. Even though everyone could benefit from “Life Coaching” guidance, not everyone wants to see a “LIFE COACH”.
Here’s why some people need “Life Coaching”:
When a problem exists when there is a discrepancy between what you are doing and what you would like to be doing.
Sometimes, however, there can be complications that interfere with your ability to solve your own problems:
1. It may happen that despite your best intentions & efforts to change things in and around you, you still can’t make considerable progress. With the help of a “LIFE COACH” you can get over a block like this.
2. It might also happen that you simply feel vaguely dissatisfied with your life, but you can’t get a clear sense of what the problem is. In this case you might consult a “LIFE COACH”.
Once the problem is clearly understood or framed, you might be able to proceed on your own, or else both of you might discover a perfect way to clear the clutter. A “Life Coaching” is not there to fix your problem or weakness.

Q17. What is the role of a “LIFE COACH” ? How is it different from a Psychological Counseling or Psychotherapy?

Ans. The main distinction between “Life Coaching” and any other form of therapy or Counseling is that “Life Coaching” is ‘present based and future focused’ practice & motivating whereas Counseling, Psychotherapy & others are often concerned with past, solving issues, concerns or problems or as healing processes. Counseling is short term & inter-personal, resolving developmental, situational or psychological problems.
“LIFE COACHING” helps you look at where you are now and where you’d like to be and helps you bridge the gap by raising awareness and encouraging you to take responsibility for your life.  It is to educate rather to COACH a person in such a manner, so that he can deepen his learning, improve performances, focus on self-directed learning & well-being & can enhance quality of life.
A “LIFE COACH” may not be an expert in your given field but will be able to support you to be the best in what you want to achieve. “LIFE COACH” potentially covers virtually every aspect of personal development that an individual might aspire to – for relationship build up/ strengthening, career direction and development, management, executive and leadership, business start-up and entrepreneurialism, life skills, personal fulfillment, life-balance, and the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge.

Q18. How long a person needs "Life Coaching"?

Ans. There is no finite duration of “Life Coaching”. Depending upon several factors from both the sides, it may vary between 1 to several sessions. Scientifically, it takes something around 2 to 3 months to alter, form or change a habit.
It can be taken as per session based, a pack of 3 sessions or 2 to 3 months intensive –coaching, then if at all needed maintenance program may be followed for continuity. There is another program for about 6 months or a year of duration for certain cases.

However, the Partnership between you & your LIFE COACH can be long lasting depending upon certain conditions.

Q19. Why are you in this field of "Life Coaching"?

Ans. In a sense & in some or other way, I have been Counseling & Coaching people for about more than 20 years. I never knew about it until my family, friends & colleagues discovered that I have NATURAL “PEOPLE SKILLS”. I started giving a thought of having a profession in this & fulfilling my life in this way.
I m a STUDENT OF LIFE & believe that Life is a continuous process of learning & improvement.
Further, I believe, “Life Coaching” is a two way process. It makes me feel enriched. It does not only help my clients but me too in grooming myself, simultaneously, making me more self-aware to grow & develop further.
Above all, I do it for the sake of my self-satisfaction & CONTENTMENT.
COACHING is my PASSION & my PURPOSE in life is to get as many people coached as possible.

Q20. How Much Does "Life Coaching" Cost?

Ans.My fee structure for ‘face to face’ sessions: from INR 7000 to INR 17000 /USD 150 to USD 450 for single to a pack of 3 sessions and then it varies depending on the duration & number of the visits and the type of sessions.

(For public sessions, charges are different).
Life Coaching on phone or Skype is also available (with separate fee structure).
A client will be expected to pay for each session in advance or before it commences. Payment schedules for other professional services, including my extra time, will be charged. (Terms & conditions applied.)

Q21. How can I get an Appointment?

Ans. For personal assessment sessions, please call Mind Designing Clinic, 314, Vijay Path, Opp. Maheshwari Hr. sec. School, Raja Park, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur-302004, Raj. (India). Monday –Saturday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm on : 0141-2624175 / 2620029.

Important note:-

By providing this information, Mind Designing Clinic does not make any recommendations, promises, or guarantees the effectiveness of this integrative process of “Life Coaching”. For any serious conditions, we recommend that you should contact your concerned medical personal or physician before trying any other therapy. • Consultancy charges are liable to change without prior intimation.