To change anything in life, Change your thoughts!

‘ART OF THINKING’ is a away to attain comprehensive mental health which is sequentially responsible for one’s physical, social & spiritual health.

Our own fixed ideas & beliefs, unrealistic attitude & approach, conditionedemotional patterns and behaviors are the main sources of problems and stress in our lives.

Moreover, we have conventionally been taught to how to see, understand,learn &act in life. Perhaps, an apt focus has not been given on ‘how to think’.

Unless we know the basics of ‘how to think’, we will not be able to deal effectively with daily chores of life, affecting in turn our comprehensive health.

To keep the Body in good health is our duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong & clear ~ Buddha.

“We all know that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are powerfully connected. It is easier to change yourself and your life by changing thoughts and behaviors than trying to change emotions”.

This is the fundamental law of ‘ART OF THINKING’.

Being healthy, happy & peaceful are our birth rights. Barring inherited defects, we were born happy & essentially healthy. What happened then…?

Unhealthiness & Unhappiness are acquired during the journey called life. The elementary cause of this misery is the way we think & it applies to every one of us regardless of class we belong to.

Whatever we think & behave, actually affect us before others because we are the first ones who experience it.

Our mind is comparable to a computer & we are the operators but our belief system (analogous to an OS of a computer) is the chief factor deciding the way our computer (mind) works. It is just like virus affecting a computer, certain age old fixed mind sets or negative thinking patterns hamper human thought processes & finally, the providence.

For minds, our Belief systems & Individual Spirituality work as Antivirus.

To understand ‘ART OF THINKING’ further, we need to recognize what is a thought & how can we manage it.

What are thoughts?

Thoughts are energy – a fact, proved scientifically.
Essentially conscious thoughts can be managed, which in turn affect our subconscious mind.

Types of thoughts:

We have about 30-35 thoughts per minute i.e. about 40-50 thousand thoughts per day. Broadly, we create four types of thoughts:

1. Positive- optimistic
2. Negative- pessimistic
3. Neutral – compulsory
4. Waste – garbage

Quality of thoughts:

The quality of thoughts is dependent on our experiences, information gathered from all around, perception towards everything in life & belief systems that we develop.

How to manage thoughts:

Thoughts can be managed in simple four step process.
When thoughts are changed, feelings / emotions & words will change & then actions, eventually.
Hence change in personality is possible with change in thoughts!

Affirmations for thought management.

There are certain easy & practical affirmations we can create for ourselves by taking responsibility of our thoughts.